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  More About Beth Stark....

  An opportunity to see some of the world was provided by working in the incentive travel and corporate meeting planning business. Domestic and International travel exposed me to many cultures, sights and experiences. I have not learned a second language but respect and a smile are great communicators. As an artist, my camera was never far, an essential tool, you never know when something interesting will occur.

Some unusual opportunities have been:
Strolling European markets, camel riding, touring wine caves in France, a fish auction at a dock in Spain, sailing regattas on both US coasts, hot air ballooning in California, Arizona and the Czech Republic, experiencing the glaciers in Alaska and Northern Lights in Norway. The beauty of our world is humbling.

My favorite personal indulgences would have to be massage and horseback riding.
Horseback highlights include riding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Central Park in New York, Hyde Park in London, on the beach in Mexico, Bermuda and on Block Island, RI; my favorite ride was when I felt "one with the horse" galloping through the glens of Scotland.
Many trips ended with a massage. Most memorable of my outdoor massage locations would be a Hawaiian beach, mountain creekside setting in Sedona, AZ, and a woman with many bangle bracelets and long red finger nails who jingled throughout the session in Spain.

Oops, I forgot tea, I love tea! From tea at the Ritz in Paris and the Orient Express to a riverside cafe in Australia, tea is a very civilized tradition. Having tea with a friend is a very special memory to me.

I've stayed in some of the "10 Best Hotels in the World", and cozy pensions, attended elegant dinners in fascinating castles and caves, on yachts, on beaches, crab boils in New England and crawfish boils in Louisiana. All were nice and make up the person who paints today. Travel teaches acceptance, being out of my comfort zone teaches me how to land on my feet, accept myself, and embrace the differences of others. I genuinely appreciate the opportunities I have had.

I have my share of trinkets but my collection of memories the good, bad and the ugly are most treasured. The riches of my life include the variety of people I have met and my photographs for future paintings. An artist friend in Atlanta told me years ago, "Beth, travel and take everything in, later you can paint and will have something to share". When painting I can be anywhere my memory takes me, often these days it is to my beloved swamp. Lately, I have added writing, another creative outlet. Life is good at home with my husband, dog.